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  • Rookie to 5k Training Program

    If you are anything like most people, then you’ve probable felt motivated to begin an exercise program, to get out and walk or run only to have lost motivation after a few weeks or even days. Maybe you want to get back into running after taking some time off. Well the Rookie to RunGr8 training program from RunGr8 Running Center is for you! Join other beginners, joggers and walkers, and discover the benefits of getting fit. Our program offers you an enjoyable way to train and participate in a local 5k event. This program is designed for people who have never run before or who have not run for a very long time, and want a structured introduction to help get in shape without getting injured along the way. The workouts start out by combining walking and running with some light strengthening exercises, which give your body plenty of time to adapt to running over the 9 weeks of the program. No drill Sargent’s, stopwatches, or expectations of any kind. (well…just one, that you finish the 5K event at the end of the training!) The cost of this 9-week, fully-supported program is just $75!


    • 9-week customized training program designed to help you finish a local 5K/3.1 mile goal race.
    • Two fully supported group workouts a week on Tuesday evenings & Saturday mornings
    • A workout schedule for in between weekly group workouts
    • 6 informational clinics on topics such as injury prevention, proper running technique, nutrition and more
    • A RunGr8 “Rookie Runner” technical running t-shirt
    • Paid entry fee into a local 5K race to run at the end of the program
    • Positive support, coaching, and a fun group to keep you motivated!
    • Rookie to RunGr8 storewide discount during the program


    • Program start dates vary throughout the year. Please call the store.
    • Saturday morning workouts: 8:00am at RunGr8 Running Center
    • Tuesday evening workouts: 7:00pm at RunGr8 Running Center

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